Andres Ricaurte

SVP & Global Head of Payments

Session by Andres Ricaurte

[Stage 2]
3.00 pm - 3.20 pm
Theme: Digital Payments: The missing link for frictionless B2B trade and commerce

Speaker Bio

Andres leads the firm’s global payments business and its portfolio of products, services, platforms and innovation programs. Over the course of his career, Andres has held senior leadership positions in product management, product and platform development, strategic partnerships, go-to-market, and innovation across different geographies and industries. Most recently he led Amex’s B2B digital platforms organization from initial incubation to full-scale deployment. Andres also serves as a board member and strategic advisor to several start-ups in the payments and FinTech space.


Most established payment systems were designed decades ago, for a different social, economic and political reality. While they are considered to be reliant, secure and stable, these centralized systems have not been able to catch up with the needs of our digital, open and hyper-connected world. With north of 70% of the world’s payments happening between businesses, we believe that the future of B2B trade and commerce is dependent on a fundamentally new financial services infrastructure. One that is more intelligent, automated, flexible, immediate, connected and transparent.