Session by NIGEL EVERY

[Stage 1]
2.00 pm - 2.20 pm
Theme: Role of Robotics & Data Analytics

Speaker Bio

Nigel is a Director at Protiviti and works on a range of topics including Assurance, CASS, Business Process Improvement and Risk Management.  Prior to joining Protiviti Nigel was a Director at Credit Suisse, and spent 17 years in a variety of senior roles including 7 years living in Singapore. Nigel’s roles included: European Head of Collateral Management European Head of Futures & Options Global Head of Control, including Future and Options Client Money Asian Head of Collateral Management Asian Head of Asset Servicing Global Head of Expense Processing Example Projects & Deliveries CASS Review: Leveraging his experience of managing client money at Credit Suisse, Nigel assisted a Large European bank design and execute its CASS internal audit programme leveraging data analytics. Operational Resilience: Nigel is joint lead of Protiviti’s Operational Resilience offering and is a regular presenter at various market forums. Business Migration:  Nigel designed and successfully led the Programme Management of a project to move a bank’s custody business from the UK to Europe in response to Brexit. Capital Efficiency: In an Investment Banking context, Nigel worked on various intra-day liquidity improvements that reduced the high-quality liquid assets requirement. In addition Nigel worked on optimising collateral arrangements to reduce balance sheet and therefore capital.  A balance sheet reduction in excess of $3b was achieved. Data Strategy: In response to GDPR, PSD2 and the client bank’s strategic goals, Nigel delivered a big data strategy incorporating the use of Hadoop.