Pete Staffell

Santander UK

Session by Pete Staffell

[Stage 1]
10.00 am - 10.20 am
Theme: Avoid The Inevitable. Design Your Way Out

Speaker Bio

Pete heads up the Simplification team for Santander in the UK, leading a group of Service Designers improving services and processes for colleagues and customers. Great human-centred design, rapid prototyping and continual evolution are the team’s hallmarks; as well as a healthy obsession with sharing learning with anyone who’s (vaguely) interested. Pete’s roles with Santander have spanned customer insight, customer experience, and service design; mixed in latterly with a healthy dose of internal consultancy – ‘it’s not just Designers that need to think like Designers..’. He’s worked with every corner of the organisation from Business banking to Branches, and from Mortgages to Marketing. Previous programme management roles in the public sector honed his ability to ‘get stuff done with not very much to do it with’. Pete’s an avid follower of behavioral psychology and behavioral economics, ‘Daniel Kahneman got me into proper design’, and likes nothing better to unwind than a blast on his road bike at the weekends. His biggest love; his wife and twin daughters. His second biggest love, Board Games. Best endorsement from someone who knows him ‘you’re nearly as fun as Mummy’ (Lara, Age 4).


In a financial world tantalised by AI, data science, rockstar developers and an obsession with agile it’s too easy to overlook the value of great design. What’s the use of the best risk-based algorithm in the business, if your user journey is terrible? Why invest millions in top coding talent, and peanuts on working out what customers, and colleagues, actually want? A look at the value, and future value, of Human-centred, Design-infused, Financial services