Sarah Hollinshead

Global Head of Content
RFi Group

Session by Sarah Hollinshead

[Stage 1]
8.55 am - 9.00 am
Theme: Opening Remarks
[Stage 1]
12.30 pm - 1.00 pm
Theme: Panel Discussion : Brexit and The Impact on the Finance Sector
[Stage 1]
2.40 pm - 2.45 pm
Theme: Closing Remarks

Speaker Bio

Sarah Hollinshead is Group Head of Content, for RFi Group, a global data-driven, business insight provider. Sarah also co-hosts the Global Digital Banker podcast and is Editor of the Global Banker magazine.

Sarah oversees the brand and growth strategy across EMEA & North America through strategic partnerships and public relations as well as all content for RFi Group’s suite of events across the globe. Sarah also manages multiple global accounts for RFi Group, ensuring consistent quality of insights and excellent client relationships.

Since its launch in March 2018, Sarah has co-hosted the Global Digital Banker Podcast, a weekly podcast series that focuses on key trends,market insights, thought leadership and best practice within banking with over 7,000 listeners. She also manages the editorial direction and production of the Global Banker Magazine, a publication with a global reach of over 40,000. Across both, Sarah leads thought leader interviews, speaking with the industry’s most notable executives from across a variety of organisations on themost integral topics in the industry, with a specific focus on
FinTech innovation, new technologies and the changing eco-system.

Sarah joined RFi Group in 2015 in their Sydney office, and has since relocated to London. She has an honours degree in History from Durham University.

Recent speaking experience
– Money 2020, Amsterdam 2017-2019
– Lendit, London 2017-2019
– FinTech Connect, London 2017-2019
– UK Business Banking Forum, London 2019
– Global Digital Banking Conference, London, Toronto & Singapore 2018
– Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit, Sydney, 2018
– MoneyConf, Dublin 2018
– Canadian Payments Innovation Forum, Toronto 2018